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Recruitment: How to Find and Hire the Right People


Finding the right people to hire for them to fill in a vacant post in your company is not an easy feat. Recruitment for candidates does not happen overnight. It does not end by just posting job descriptions on different platforms.

In recruiting, a lot of specific work details need to be achieved. Posting for hiring details, job descriptions, and company ads are not enough. After all of these are slashed on the checklist, the team will now endeavor the more critical tasks.

As an experienced staffing agency in Atlanta, Georgia, it is given that once job postings are circulated, applicants will flock in sending their resumes. Hence, here are the steps that we will carefully follow:

  • Screen the prospect candidates, however, with the technology nowadays, other companies will use an AI for this.
  • Once the prospective candidates are finalized, we will schedule an interview for them.
  • After the interviews, the team will now discuss the merits of the applicants and will finally sort out the finalists who will be extended with the job offers.
  • For those who weren’t able to make it to the cut, the team will debrief them.
  • Finally, we will onboard the new employees.

Above are only the broad and basic steps. But along with the process, a lot of deliberations and discussions will happen between the agency and the company’s hiring managers. Indeed, recruitment is not a one-man show. It is a team effort.

Zennexec Staffing is a staffing agency and a talent acquisition in Georgia. We can be your partner in your staffing and hiring needs. The agency’s recruitment experts are here to help you in your business’ recruiting troubles.

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