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Build connections that help you develop your potential.

group of business partners are smilingAt Zennexec Staffing, we bring employers and employees together to help them realize their potential. We create connections founded on trust, and we implement the highest standards of screening and selection to earn that.

Our staffing agency in Atlanta, Georgia, is primed to build a job candidate base full of qualified individuals. With the latest recruitment standards and over 20 years’ worth of corporate experience, we respond to the need for fresh talent and manpower in various enterprises, whether big, medium, or small.

Learn About Our Leadership

Tania Jackson has 20 years of experience in corporate recruitment. She has CIR certification and an MS in HRM.

Jackson has worked for Fortune 500 companies in high tech, marketing research, CPG, and life sciences. She has helped Dell, Pitney Bowes, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, M/A/R/C Research, and Lonza find the ideal candidates for their respective industries. Because of this, she understands the expectations of both employers and employees.

Now, she offers her expertise to help various businesses find the people they require to grow and serve the needs of the community.

Our Mission

My goal is to connect the right candidates with the right employers. It’s all about listening to what each person is looking for in a career and an employee. Finding the right fit is like a puzzle. Since I have been in the corporate sector for the last 20 years working in recruiting and HR, I understand the nuances of corporate politics, budgets, and silos. I will act as an extension of your business, a liaison between the company and the candidates-connecting each. My leading core value is Trust. Trust that I will represent your company.

– Tania Jackson

Our Vision

  • To work hand in hand with our clients to ensure their success by listening to their needs, planning a course of action, and delivering on our commitment
  • To be instrumental in the daily successful expansion and growth of our clients by providing them with the caliber of candidates they need

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