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Recruitment Scams in the Digital World


Many people struggle to find a job, especially nowadays. Everyone has to follow protocols to avoid getting and spreading coronavirus, and who knows where can one catch it. Since people are still observing the vaccine efficiency, authorities advise people to keep their guards high. So to get a job, many applicants search for a recruitment agency online.

And this is the right timing online fraudsters await. People are susceptible to recruitment scams as they want to get jobs to sustain their needs and cope with their losses since the pandemic started.

Deceitful talent acquisition in Georgia from a suspicious source is rampant online even before coronavirus started, yet many still fall to these schemes.

How to know when recruiting is not real?

  • Details are unclear, intriguing, and will make you dig what is in it for you.
  • You have to do sample jobs that will not be paid but are more than what an applicant should accomplish.
  • You have to give your personal details to the talent advisor, including your bank account information.
  • The recruiter asks for money.

We have learned our lessons. When it seems too good to be true, then it must not be genuine. Do not trust a post right away, especially when it is not on the right platform.

Do not fall into fake opportunities. Look for a legitimate staffing agency in Atlanta, Georgia, that will help you attain a job that matches your skills and capabilities. Trust only Zennexec Staffing when it comes to application.

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