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Different Types of Recruitment


While recruitment is a process that is unique to each organization, it has a nuanced and extensively long process that our recruiting agency follows. There are essential ways to attract new potential job candidates and to produce high-quality employees that recruiters usually take on especially during mass recruitment.

Most of the time, our talent acquisition in Georgia makes sure that the recruitment process is followed to ensure that candidates are vetted before starting. Any job vacancy starts with internal recruiting and fills in the vacancies with the existing roster of employees. This is true for those employees who are up for promotion.

Another type of recruitment is through retained recruiting where a third-party organization or group helps out the company to fill in vacancies and open positions. The good thing about this is that the hiring party ensures to hire only the qualified and those who excel at the same job in the industry.

Lastly, outplacement recruiting is another type of recruitment. Recruiters and employers help employees find new employment and pursue another career or find a new position in a different organization.

This is what Zennexec Staffing, your trusted Staffing Agency in Atlanta, Georgia is good at. We help organizations find the right and perfect candidate for the vacant job. For your recruitment needs, don’t hesitate to call us now.

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