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Difference Between Internal and External Recruitment


More than anything else, employees are the most important asset that a company should take care of. Employers and managers should know that employees determine the success or failure of a company. So, it is crucial that during the hiring process, not only the best skilled candidates are hired, but also those with the right fit for the job.

Filling in the human resource requirements of a company falls on the responsibility of the recruitment team. It is up to them if they will be recruiting from internal or external pool of candidates in order to fill in the vacancy.

Internal recruitment refers to the type of talent acquisition in Georgia that fills in vacant positions with employees who are already working for the company. This can be in the form of either a promotion for the employee or through a lateral movement.

On the other hand, external recruitment is the process that makes use of outside sources to fill in company vacancies. Recruiters typically use advertisement, walk-in interviews, campus recruitment, or a staffing agency in Atlanta, Georgia, and other recruitment and consultancy firms.

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